Belly Button

How You Can Clean Your Belly Button?

Whether you like to take care of your new piercing or to be squeaky-clean, this post will educate you how you can clean your Belly Button.

Collect The Supplies:

Certainly, you will require some of the cotton balls. But except that, there is no go-to pile of things that individuals utilize to clean their tummy button. Instead, they utilize an entire host of things. Experiment for yourself what goes well on your body. You can utilize:

  • Baby oil
  • Water
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Another type of astringent, like the witch hazel.

Use The Solution:

Dunk one head of the cotton ball into any of the cleaning solution you long to utilize and begin jabbing around in the bellybutton. Smoothly work the way around your tummy button, being cautious not to stroke inside the navel too firm.

Repeat The Process If You Think Your Tummy Button Is Still Dirty:

Throw away the old cotton balls and do the process again if the navel is still unclean. You must just require one or two takes, and you are good to go. When you are finished, take a clean ball and smoothly clear out any residual cleaning solution still there in the navel. Make certain to get as much baby oil, water, rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide from your tummy button as possible.

  • If your tummy button is dry, employ some Neosporin and then work the way around the navel. Utilize a circular, slow pattern and get right in the center before taking away the cream completely with the swab.


  • For the individuals with tummy buttons that smell dire and show redness, utilize a swab that is particularly made for the sensitive skin or feminine swab. The most general reason of a smell from Belly Button is cleaning using the bar soap without washing well, so the skin turns irritated and dry.
  • Q-tips are the similar thing as the cotton balls; they are just a particular brand of the good.
  • Your tummy button is a healed, closed part of your belly. Nothing ought to be capable of entering the body that way. Ask the physician if cleaning it concerns you.
  • Do not utilize rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide as it can more damage the injury, as can cotton balls, if you are not cautious. As a substitute, utilize the warm salt water and antibacterial soap. You can also try an antibiotic balm.


  • Call the piercer if something looks wrong with the piercing. If you dread it might be infected, instead of calling you friends, contact the piercer. As they are NOT the experts.
  • Look for the medical help if you have wounded the navel by chance while cleaning.
  • If your tummy button burns or itches go and see your doctor. It might be infected.
  • Be cautious when washing out your tummy button. Rushing in it might wound you and impose ache to your tummy button.
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