The Whereabouts of Spring Texas Roofing

Texas is the second largest state in the United States. It would both by population and area. Geographically it is in the South Central region of the country. Spring is a Census Designated Place (CDP) . It is within the extra territorial jurisdiction of Houston in Harris County, Texas. Here lies the importance of Spring Texas Roofing.

Texas is the only state in America who has its own governmental association for roofing companies. It is also known as the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas or RCAT. The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas is a state wide trade association of waterproofing and roofing contractors. This particular group of professionals represents the waterproofing and roofing industry of Texas. RCAT’s mission is to help its members to operate successfully. It would be by providing latest upgraded education.Since it is government run programme all roofing companies and roofers of Texas has to become a member. Since they are government recognized. They provide the best services to their customers. In Texas never try to select a roofing company who is not a member of RCAT. Members of RCAT are professional. They have a proper license as well .They knows the rules and regulations regarding the roofing of the state.

Goals of RCAT

RCAT strives to increase the success of its members through the following list:-

  • Providing continuous education through regular programmes
  • An effective legislative programme for the roofing industry in Texas
  • RCAT licensed roofing contractor programmes
  • Also, programme for the consumers for their awareness

Services and activities of the Spring Texas roofing industry

  • The Spring Texas Roofing conference is an annual event in this place. It includes widely acknowledged trade shows. Two days of productive seminars to enhance knowledge of today’s roofing industry. This is a big trade show which features suppliers, manufacturers and also other professionals from the roofing industry service. It also includes some fun networking events.
  • Educational programmes also take place which helps in developing and improving the skill which is necessary to conduct the business more efficiently and effectively.
  • There are also government relation programmes which keep the members informed of important legislative proposals and also administrative agencies.
  • RCAT licensed roofing programme increases the costumer’s protection and they try to secure the public confidence for the roofing industry by elevating the roofing company’s skills, knowledge, and professionalism. Licensing is available for residential and commercial roofing companies and company’s senior managers.

The type of Spring Texas Roofing that is most familiar with the people staying in Texas is shingles. Shingle encompasses a variety of materials. It is generally described as the overlapping rectangular material. Shingles can be made up of wood (shakes), ceramics, slate, asphalt (bitumen) or composite. With the development of new materials and technology wood and paper-basedasphalt shingles are important. Texas’s most common type of residential roofing material is the fiber glass based on asphalt shingle.


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