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Renting a personal conveyance in Dubai for long term

Dubai is a big city which means density of population is high and public transports are mostly busy. People working in office may have to rush out and get a taxi or catch a bus, but you might get late and even taxis have to struggle locating you sometimes. Tourists visiting Dubai sometimes tend to hire a taxi for a whole day which is extremely cost hungry. You’ve to pay the taxi driver more than he could’ve earned picking up different passengers. In both cases, things look hard. But there is always a convenient solution for all the problems, you’re just not looking at that side. There are companies who offer a car rental Dubai Airport or anywhere in the city. They offer unlimited mileage and their services are comprehensively insured. Some services also offer free delivery with 24/7 support and add-on features for your car. Below is a complete guide.

Getting a car rental

You can get a car rental Dubai Airport or anywhere across the Dubai city. You’ve to book your order prior to landing or personal use so they can make the vehicle available at the respective branch or the airport.

·        Order Completion

It takes a few steps. You call them on their landline or book the vehicle of your choice online. Then you show them the required documents and pay the amount along with the security. After the order is confirmed, the car is delivered at your preferred destination free of cost.

  • Required documents

For Dubai residents:

  • A copy of Emirates Identity Card
  • A copy of residential visa
  • A copy of UAE driving license
  • A copy of UAE PASSPORT

For non-residents

  • A copy of passport
  • A copy of international driving license
  • A copy of visit visa


Things to consider before renting a car

Always consider the number of seats you need in the car before choosing it. If you travel alone, a simple car would do but in case of families or friends, you’ve to go for a bigger one. Also consider the luggage space in the car. Cars have 3-7 luggage room depending upon its size. If you’re want a car rental Dubai Airport, you need to tell them the timing so they available your order for you.


Insurance and security

You need to confirm that the service is comprehensively insured. Comprehensive car insurance covers damages other than damages by falling objects, car accidents or car being stolen. This is necessary for the company wouldn’t blame you for any technical issue present already. You have to pay the security charges of the car other than rent but it will be paid back if the car remains unharmed.

Free delivery and cancellation

The cars are delivered free of cost at the desired place. So, you don’t have to worry about going and getting the vehicle by yourself. And in case you change your mind and tend to cancel the order, the cancellation is totally free.

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